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A remake of a Danish-only Windows Flash game. Features Characters Queen Vannah is the beautiful queen of all water-dwelling creatures. She is single-handedly responsible for bringing up all the sea creatures and teaching them to swim and play with each other. As a happy and wise ruler, Vannah is always trying to find ways to make sure the water dwellers stay happy and clean. After the nuclear accident in the seas, Queen Vannah and the other water creatures are abandoned on the surface, but Queen Vannah later decides to return to the depths, where she is once again welcomed by all the other creatures and once again tries to figure out a way to protect them. Minotaur is Vannah's faithful canine companion, who is able to assume a wide range of shapes, but in his human form he has tusks and a beard. He is the only creature that Vannah doesn't get along with. He likes to keep to himself and get drunk on rum, which he is the only creature who can drink. Despite his evil personality and his dislike for humans, Minotaur has become a good friend to Vannah, and he often helps her out when she needs it. Cave the Cave Whale is a very calm and curious little whale who has some talent for drawing. He dreams of becoming a great artist one day. Koko the Moa is a tall, lanky green bird that was once a prince in his former life. Now he's a servant to a cursed princess who is in charge of cleaning the castle. He wishes to become a great ruler one day, and hopes that he can inspire the other moa to learn to rule themselves. Princess Pearl is the princess of the sea and a kind-hearted person. One day, she was thrown into the ocean by her horrible and evil aunt, and she became one with the sea. She became totally lost in the ocean, unable to remember anything. Queen Vannah comes to her aid and sends her home. Her aunt escapes to the surface world, but she has no idea where Pearl is. She takes revenge on her by sending a beautiful mermaid to seduce her, so she can enter the palace where her aunt will be the new queen. Fortunately, she had a vision of the future and learned that the true queen was still hiding somewhere in the palace. After she becomes queen, she saves Princess Pearl from the vicious Moa tribe, who want to make her their queen instead. Red-Eyed Fish is a




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Frogapult Download [Latest] 2022

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