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Tilapia Fish Food

tilapa fingerling diet

Our sinking pellet comes in 1/16" size and is 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for starting and early growth tilapia fish. 

Crude Protein      Minimum       53%

Crude Fat             Minimum        14%

Crude Fiber         Maximum        2%

Calcium (Ca)        Minimum     2.2%

vitamin A, D3, E, and C

Phosphorus (P)   Minimum      1.5%

Sodium (Na)        Maximum    0.60%


tilapia floating 3mm pellet

Our floating pellet is great for Tilapia over 6" in length. This is a high protein, quality feed that rapidly accelerates fish growth!

Crude Protein      Minimum       33%

Crude Fat             Minimum        16%

Crude Fiber         Maximum        3%

Calcium (Ca)        Minimum     2.35%

Calcium (Ca)        Maximum    2.85%

Phosphorus (P)   Minimum      1.30%

Sodium (Na)        Maximum    0.60%

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