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Hatchery Update

Just want to thank all the people who have ordered the past few weeks. we’ve been swamped with orders. Currently I am out of blue fingerlings. I have a few thousand blue fry that I am growing out for sale. They will be available soon. Call or send message to Pre-order. The good news is that I currently have White Nile Tilapia available. These truly are a breed that I am particularly proud of . I sourced the male and female of my origional breeding colony from two different award winning farms! They grow just as big as the blues and are delicious!!!

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Moises Garcia
Moises Garcia
Apr 01, 2020

Hello, glad to hear you're doing well. Put me down for 25 fingerlings of the blue to add. My first order is doing great, smallest one is about an inch. Only lost a couple of the 30 fry you sent. I'm also setting up another 55 gallon tank for some of your whites.

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